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For me, I like all those cutesy things. My ex- Korean boyfriend was so against couple rings even though I really wanted to get one. At first I was against it and Aaron agreed, but then I changed my mind and he was excited about it! I guess I got very lucky to get a go with the flow man. It looks like you guys found some tasteful ones! It would be helpful to those who are interested if you included some of the price ranges you were seeing while shopping!

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Megan, that is a great suggestion! I will be sure to edit and put the price ranges. The prices were actually quite cheap and good. Those are some nice looking rings! I remember being really entertained by the couple culture when I first got to Korea. Some friends and I tried some on just for kicks, but I never took the plunge and participated. While I do find it hilarious how childish and superficial the couple culture here tends to be, I do like the idea of couple rings! I think adding a price would definitely be helpful.

I have no idea where to start with a design for jewelry! Korea is seriously amazing.

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  7. It was definitely great to pick them out together and he was such a good sport about it while we looked at different options at different stores. I love this idea. Can you tell me the address of the store? The store we went to specializes in couple rings and wedding jewelry.


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    They also carry different kinds of jewelry but not much! That area is really full of jewelry stores. It could be dizzying hahhaha. Hubby and I did couple shirts and eventually we are doing these family shirts lol. I would love to see adorable family shirts. It was tough staying focused but we managed!

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    How wide and thick would you like your bands to be? Seal , Ottavia , Radient. Querita , Rayma , Orion. Oasis , Pleasance , Risa. Questa , Saranna , Season. Will you opt for rings with diamonds or any other gemstone? What shape, color, style of setting and size would you choose? The right choice of diamond or gemstone will greatly enhance the beauty of the rings. For example, for a diamond lover, his ring can feature a single diamond while hers can feature diamonds all across the band.

    The meaning of ‘couple rings’

    The same can be replicated with any other gemstone. Quorra , Saffir , Rayce. Rayma , Orlene , Sabitha. You can engrave your band to give it that special unique touch. A simple promise ring in sterling silver with a solitaire round cut diamond is a classic choice. Since promise ring diamonds tend to be on the smaller side around a tenth of a carat , consider a diamond-encrusted band for a more glamorous feel.

    If your personal style is more minimalistic than flashy, a sleek infinity promise rings says "forever" without being too over-the-top. The best thing about this Zales promise ring in rose gold? It's flattering on all skin colors. A heart motif in this pink tinted metal really takes the romance to the next level.

    If you're looking to make a luxe statement, consider this Kay Jewelers promise ring. A small round cut diamond with a halo and an intricate band feels bridal without going overboard. We love the idea of a sapphire promise ring. It feels traditional but still different from a classic diamond promise ring.

    Mixed metals, engravings and even promise rings with small diamond accents are hot right now. This Kay Jewelers promise ring with brushed titanium details is the perfect middle ground between a plain metal band and more intricate engraved settings: It's durable and practical for everyday wear, but a satin polish gives just enough visual interest.

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    Who says a mens promise ring can't have a little bit of sparkle? We love this modern combination of sleek stainless steel and an oh-so-subtle diamond. A traditional Celtic claddagh ring makes for a perfect promise ring. Wear it on your right hand with the point of the heart facing your wrist to signify you're in a relationship.

    Looking for a sleek mens promise ring to complement your Tiffany's infinity promise ring? This simple design from Gemvara plays up the infinity sign motif with an understated pattern. It might be tempting to stick with a plain silver band, but guys can pull off the mixed metals trend, too!

    Promise Rings for Women, Men and Couples

    Consider a two-toned promise ring with with stainless steel and gold-plated filigree for a fashion-forward twist on this tradition. If you and your partner have similar personal styles, consider matching couples promise rings.


    His and hers promise rings are also a great opportunity to add custom touches like monograms, your anniversary date or your birthstones.

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