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2. If there is a power differential, try your best to stop working together Newsletter

If it goes south, there may be issues at work. But I'm hardly one to judge. It's worked out well for us! Check with your human resources policies in regards to employees who are relationships working together, in some places couples cannot work on the same unit. If there isn't a policy and couples can work together, something else to consider, if during working hours you are in a position to be her superior and delegate tasks to her, your relationship may have imbalance of power.

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Some have a golden rule: Other coworkers are married to each other. Need to hear your take on this please. Edited Jun 19, by traumaRUs. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Jun 19, by Jensmom7. Jun 19, by loriangel Jun 19, by heron. Jun 19, by OrganizedChaos. Jun 19, by O9eleven. Jun 19, by AmeliasAunt. One colleague told me that a few of the couples who did marry went so far as to call each other by their titles and surnames while on duty.

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Post 1 of 22 views. I have just started dating a co worker at my hospital, things are just starting out, but I could see them moving into more serious. I am familiar with her nurse co workers, they love to gossip. How do I address this to her? If we do become exclusive, I dont want her to hide the fact that we are together, but I dont want to be bombarded everytime I get called to the floor. Any advice, anyone with similar experiences?

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Just looking for tips on how to handle this. Post 2 of 22 views. They will gossip regardless of what you or she say or do. Post 3 of 22 views. Cat, Now that you are here there's no turning back, say this to yourself times slowly: Post 4 of 22 views. Post 5 of 22 views. While not a hospital-to-hospital romance, there have been several of my co-workers who have started up relationships with ER nurses of the local hospitals we frequent.

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There is no better way that I can think of to have your personal life lived out in a fish bowl. This is just how it is, in my experience. That doesn't mean it is not worthwhile to pursue a relationship. My wife is a nurse. One of her co-workers is married to a nurse from another floor.

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They have 4 kids. My wife recently saw him coming out of the hospital pharmacy with another E-P-T. Post 6 of 22 views. Post 7 of 22 views. Good luck with that!! Unfortunately, I never actually got to experience those encounters

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