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As we head into the summer, we keep addressing our huge to-do list and bumping the most important topics to the top.

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Next in line is the preferential Premiums issue. A little over a year ago, World of Tanks upgraded to version 9.

Since then, the tool has gone through several changes, until it reached a level of performance that met the expectations of both the community and the dev team. So, now that the game has proper team distribution, mismatches are a rare case. The new approach benefited everyone, apart from preferential Premium vehicles.

The coin has two sides. The first issue comes from the main feature of preferential Premiums—tier-range balance. But the new matchmaker struggles with these machines. It takes more time and computations for the tool to balance them properly, which extends queuing time.

This is what happens next: Come here, little fellas. They always were lower than what the competition had—for the sake of balance. Ideally, this solution would be beneficial for these machines, with no need for substantial edits to their specs. The reality, however, hit us in the face during several internal tests and simulations, which indicated minor improvements countered by an overall decline in matchmaking performance. It left us no other choice than to abandon this approach.

After a series of tests, this proved to be the go-to solution, but caused another problem. It turned out some vehicles require major revision, while we also want to maintain the same character they have now. We want to preserve or even emphasize their distinct features. At the same time, we plan to give players the opportunity to decide whether an updated tank is relevant for them. Therefore, every tanker will be able to exchange a particular machine through the special trade-in option for an exclusive list of tanks not available in the common trade-in.

The cost of this kind of exchange will not exceed Gold. Thus, each owner of a preferential Premium will have 2 options:.

► BIG Preferential Premium Tank Changes + More Object 268 V4 Nerfs! - World of Tanks NEWS

We mentioned the KV-5 for a reason, as it will be the very first tank to go through the overhaul. So, what you think? At the time they were both fine and quite powerful, the KV-5 had special matchmaking and that what it makes him very special and good on farming credits.

The idea of a premium tank, since the beginning, was: Now, everyone rants about the low pen and how almost everyone can penetrate it even with good armour.

Perfecting Preferential Premiums (KV-5 nerf)

Is it the KV-5 fault? The major fault is on Wargaming that changed the game direction and introduced new tanks that can counter this heavy tank very well. The KV-5 is not a line pusher against any tank. Wargaming did release quite few shitty premium tanks, but for me the KV-5 is not one of this cases, its fine and not really difficult to play.

On the EU Server alone, there are about If they buff the penetration like some players are asking, what about the Type 59? Both of them have low penetration values and statistic wise they are not doing well to. Yes, the Type 59 is not available in the store, but so the KV-5 is not, it only available in special occasions… What do you think? Is it OK or does it need to be redone? Tank Nut and Gamer Wannabe! Huge fan of tanks and World War II history. Huge World of Tanks fan and by far, the game I've played for the longest time.

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If you like my content, please consider donating. View all posts by Harkonnen. Kv5 meets a tank of equal tier or higher the following happens, either the kv5 loads Gold, a teammate intervenes or it loses. While the kv5 side-scrapes the turret face or mantle is easily penned, there is the engine deck rear face that peaks out upon side scraping, there is only mm of armour…maybe both frontal turrets are weaknesses as well as the lower plate.

The turret cupola is another easily penned area, you only need about mm of pen to deal with these. Do i even need to mention that the turret is nearly vertically set on the chassis? I look at the kv5 and i see a once proud tier 8 premium soviet monster that has awoke into an environment that has been adapted to deal with it. It loses to all of the IS-3 imitators.

For me, it is currently unplayable. It used to be fun, but that was back before 8. I find that to me it currently sits in a nicely balanced slot of not being better than the its tier 8 tech tree counterparts like it should be.

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