Dating glass soda bottles


Stager explained that broken sherds can provide enough material evidence to suggest the time period when the pottery was in fashion: These different motifs are traceable to the exact years in which they were manufactured. You can identify them from later reproductions by looking at the base—Can you spot the reproduction in the shot?

Date Your Beer & Soft Drink Bottles

Coca Cola bottles manufactured in New York in the s Source: While they are not typically digging these specimens up, they are employing the same basic approach the archaeologists have developed for cultures that predate patents and trademark laws! Tracking the Hobble-skirt Coca Cola Bottle. Antique Coke Bottle — This site also shares related links, though some are dead. Brush off the dust! Print Email Facebook Twitter Reddit. Word of the Week.

Every semester it is one of my favorite assignments. A common question for educators that is often raised is that of lectures and passive learning. MCFG, yes, you are correct. On many bottles, please keep in mind there can be variations in the way embossed code numbers are arranged, depending on the glass company, the time period, style of bottle, etc.

Date Your Glass Soft Drink & Beer Bottles

It is a very confusing subject, to be sure! He found it downtown Charleston SC in the harbor area. It is marked as Charleston as well. I have 3 coke bottles that have Greenville, sc on the bottom. It also has 63L51 on the side. Do you have any info about these bottles. The bottle that has the L on it was also presumably made by Laurens. Hello out there, I found an old heavy coke bottle with Raleigh N. C on the bottom and a slight green tint to it. We were hoping to find some information about it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Karin, The only info I can pass along is this: I have a vernor springs water company strait sided bottle is this related to coke in any way and can you tell me what year it may be. It does have a 7 in a circle, says not to be refilled, has a trademark, says no refill and no deposit, AND has a verticle line with three horizontal lines.

Glass Manufacturers' Marks on Coke Bottles

I would love to find out where this was made. Hi, I have found a few wartime vintage coca cola bottles here in Newfoundland, not far from an American Base set up in It has on the base E-UGB over the number Do you have any idea who or where the E-UGB bottle was made. I know that British and Canadian vessels did call at this port during the war? Newfoundland was a dependency of the UK during the war.

I know of no coke products being sold there before the war.

Vintage Coke Bottle Finds - Some Tips On What To Look For

It is a mark from Great Britain. All the characters on the base are faint. There is a blank field where all the details go between the skirt and the shoulder.

Glass Manufacturers’ Marks on Coke Bottles

Would you know when a printed and not embossed bottle would have been made by UGB? However, many NEHI soda bottles were marked with that phrase, even bottles made into the s. I found a glass Coca Cola bottle with stars at the top, and on the bottom it says property of Coca Cola bottling company contents 6 fl oz Scranton PA Anyone know how old it is. It has an L on the bottom and the numbers on the side of the bottle. The Coca Cola logo is faded, but still visible.

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Any idea what year this may be from? Helene, the positioning of date and mold codes on Coke bottles varied over the years. On your particular bottle, the date code is the left pair of digits, and apparently stands for Coke required date codes to the left of the dash from circa s. See this page by researcher Bill Lockhart which has a brief entry on Coke bottle codes. Although the page is concerning the Owens-Illinois Glass Company, other bottle makers would have also complied with their guidelines for mark placement: Hope this helps, David. I believe this may be a prototype.

No one has seen one like it. They made tons of beer and soda bottles in the early years of the 20th century. I have some australian amber cokes and we are discusing if they are genuine or not not sure how to post pics here but have alook here. However, here are some thoughts. The site would soon be overloaded with thousands of pictures, and would eventually make the pages somewhat slower to download, especially for those with older computers. They typically appear in shades of purple or dark odd ambers.

Also, I might suggest you try posting queries on the http: There are many knowledgeable people who frequent that site and who might offer their input on the subject of irradiated Coke bottles. Any ideas as to the maker of this nice bottle? Are there ANY markings of any kind along the lower heel area of the bottle? Occasionally there could be a glassmaker mark along the heel that is very faint. Perhaps someone will chime in and post an answer to your question! Is there a listing of all the cities that Coke bottles had embossed on the bottom.

We collect sea glass and find partial bottle bottoms and it would be helpful to figure out what some of the cities are. I am under the vague impression that the total number of different American towns and cities that had their name embossed on the bottom of Coke bottles at one time or another over the years ranges somewhere between and ! I am hoping that any Coke collectors who have more information on this subject will chime in and educate us!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Because of time and energy constraints, I can no longer answer all emails personally, but you may contact me directly at: Remove underscore within first part of address. Please bookmark this site mark it as a "Favorite" and I hope you will return often. Thank you for your understanding and support! The irradiated color is NOT natural……no Coke bottles of this style were made in such a color originally.

The bottle may be free blown, black glass bottles in more westmoreland items were rarely marked in soda fountains. These mold seams click to date coke bottles and bottling companies. Before manufacturing coke bottles. Milk bottles follows the ashmolean museum holds a list of, check out this bottle.

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