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Are They or Aren't They Dating? The Hottest Olympic Ice Skating Partners

And the truth with elite sport, in any field, is that success is fleeting. People are constantly doing more, training harder, and pushing that bar a little higher for the rest of us. Sometimes we play the victim. We show up day after day for our prescribed torture. When our self-pity becomes too annoying for our coaches, they offer us an alternative. If you want to change your goal, we can change your training.

But it is my boyfriend, Adrian, that takes the brunt of my insanity. We live together, train together, and complain together. It is our routine. We come home after training. We tell each other about our frustrations. Sometimes the discussion is serious, and we listen accordingly. Sometimes we just need to release our tensions, and we do a great job "listening" to each other while the words flow in one ear and out the other. I am lucky to have someone who understands me. I have realized over the years how important this dynamic is, and I suppose this is why athletes very often end up marrying other athletes.

Adrian and I have been together for almost three years now. We understand each other well in our everyday approach to life and in our roles as athletes. In the past few weeks, my emotions have been a roller coaster. My truth is… there is always a crushing low that comes after a high. I am learning to control myself, but it takes time.

Zach and I had a productive summer that culminated with our week at Champs Camp. Champs Camp is a high-performance camp organized by U. We get together to meet and do photo shoots with media, get information from the federation, and most importantly, show our programs to our officials. We worked hard in preparation. The week went great, and we were left exhausted. Not only exhausted from the altitude we skated at 6, feet! We came home, jumped right back into training, and I crashed! Less physically, than emotionally.

Feelings can be deceiving. This is a fact. What I feel on the ice is not necessarily what people see. Knowing this is the first step. When you feel so strongly about something at a particular moment, however, it is hard to convince yourself that the reality can be different. This is where Adrian enters the equation. Let me give you a rundown of my week. I think it will be easier to demonstrate my point this way. Monday First day training fully after Champs Camp. I was feeling pretty positive, but there was a voice in the back of my head saying "only 12 training days until your first event!

We just needed to change a few steps here and there to ensure that we could get maximum scores. But I was not able to control the little voice in my head, and my impatience and frustration started to come out. The cycle of panic had begun! He listened to me, tried to console me, and we moved on. Tuesday Feeling like I had been too stressed on the previous day, I knew I needed to relax. I felt like we hadn't accomplished much on Monday due to my attitude, so I assumed that if I could control my emotions, we would make progress in leaps and bounds.

With an expectation of greatness, we were sure to fail. No matter what we might have accomplished, I would have never been pleased. He listened supportively, but there was no getting through to me. Wednesday Officially two weeks before leaving for competition. Starting to get a bit fatigued. Two nights of poor sleep quality followed by early-morning wake-ups didn't add positivity into the equation. With the fatigue in my body, I felt like I was skating terribly. It was only a feeling… but I am sure everything looked very similar to usual. And the thing is, once your brain decides something, it is really hard for your body to do something different.

My quiet, internal panic had escalated into an irrational anger by the end of the day. I ranted while my voice gained strength and volume. He knew the time was coming. He answered back with advice, that on any other day may have been taken well. But Wednesday was not any other day. Once we arrived home I began to unravel. I started to realize that I was screaming, feeling helpless, and out of control. I wanted to fix everything, to feel great, to be perfect. This three-day decline wasn't in my plan. Eventually, I broke down into hysterical tears. I had said everything I needed to say, most of which made no sense.

The words were not important, just the act of taking it all out. I needed to let it out, and I am lucky to have a boyfriend that understands me completely. He let me yell, cut him off, and get angry. When I broke down into tears, he was there, holding me and helping me breathe again. I was free to implode, in the company of someone who loves me completely. There was no judgment there. Thursday I was already feeling better. Friday I hope for another better day… but I will try not to expect anything.

I thought I would share my insecurities with you, and maybe it will help someone feel more sane. I feel free to share my struggles with you, as I write comfortably from my home, next to my loving dog and boyfriend. I have my people who make me feel sane, loved, and accepted. They listen to me, they respect me, and they help me to get through my days. Love, Madison "Mom, do you think you have time to?

She is officially a saint! Unlike with most mothers, however, our unrealistic costume requests would always land at the foot of her sewing machine. Whether it was my five-year old self thinking that my "I Dream of Jeannie" costume would give me the figure of a fully-developed woman, or my brother complaining about the accuracy of his Sabretooth Tiger teeth, she managed it all.

Little did she know that, after all those years of hard work, it was actually her wearing the ultimate costume. It is not flashy, and she hides it well. A dangling thread here, a tape measure there. The people close to her know who she is. Watch out, Super Mom is coming through! And if you aren't nice, she will discreetly drop sewing pins into the carpet for you to step on later! This week, I wasn't necessarily thinking of writing about my mom. I had a few ideas in my head when, all of a sudden, someone made me realize how special she is.

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Let's face it, we all take our mothers for granted — at least until we become parents ourselves. Then, we begin to comprehend the reality. We understand how much they love us, how selfless they are, and how many sacrifices they make for us. I am writing as if I understand already, which I don't. I am trying, and little by little I become more conscious. But I look back on my childhood, and how many times we had the same conversation: I love you, mom!

I love you more, Madi! Trust me… when you have kids you will understand.

Which Pairs Figure Skating and Ice Dancing Couples Are Dating? | Shape Magazine

It is impossible for you to love me as much as I love you! I always thought that she was just playing the game, trying to "out love" me. But as I grow up I think that this is the reality. I can love her until my heart explodes, and it will always pale in comparison to the love she has for me. So, how did this topic pop into my head? Zach and I were doing an interview earlier this week with NBC. The conversation was the typical pre-season discussion. What our reflections were of last year, as well as a look ahead into the Olympic year.

I agreed that "the distance is challenging, and the hour drive makes it difficult for me to go home more than once or twice a year. My mother, however, drives back and forth more often to do my costumes. And even then it didn't dawn on me. The selflessness of it all. The reporter was the one who helped me realize how amazingly lucky I am. You are so lucky that your mother is still able to make your costumes, even though she is far away.

The truth is, I never questioned if my mother would continue to make my costumes from a long distance. Of course she would, because she always has, and because that is what I wanted.

Olympic Ice Dancing Duo Madison Chock And Evan Bates 'Fell In Love' On The Ice - PeopleTV

It is the consistency that makes me take things for granted. I have a closet full of handmade, hand-beaded skating costume masterpieces. I suppose you could have expected that after 20 years in this sport. She made our Halloween costumes for years. For all three of her kids! She has made everything from Alice in Wonderland to a boa constrictor with a stuffed ten-foot body. She outdid herself with every project, and each following year we would always come back with a more extravagant request. I couldn't find all of the photos, but I added a few so you can see some of her hard work!

Now, with her children all grown up, we don't ask her for Halloween costumes anymore. The work, however, doesn't end! In the past three years, we have been slowly experimenting with more and more clothing. When I say "we," it means that I send her pictures and drawings, and she makes my dreams a reality! She makes me training clothes as well as streetwear. If any of you have ever met me and complimented me on what I was wearing, there is a good chance I said, "Thanks, my mom made it.

I feel it every time I am wearing one of the many things you have made me. I know that every mom has their own language of love, and for you, sewing is your native tongue! All I can say is, thank GOD we have the same sense of style! Forever your Soul Sister, Madison Expectations Madi continues her previous blog entry with her thoughts on how her and Zach's expectations can affect their partnership July 17, - by Madison Hubbell Oh You must have been disappointed.

Because this is the thing with expectations - they almost always leave you underwhelmed.

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I have worked with many sports psychologists and life coaches along this journey. I suppose it is par for the course when you are an elite athlete in one of the only Olympic sports that is a mixed-gender event. Zach and I have an incredibly strong partnership, and I think a big part of our chemistry comes from the way we clash.

We are matched in many ways — our dedication, loyalty, style, or size. The things we cannot excel without. We are not matched in our communication patterns, working styles, or social behavior. We have been through many ups and downs in our career, with personal and professional struggles. In the tough times, we sought out advice. As I write this, I can't help but to hear a song endlessly repeating in my mind.

I remember sitting in her office, crying, trying to explain what I felt was my deserved frustration. I am a crier when it comes time to talk about feelings. Anyway, I remember all of this stress I had, telling her what I wanted our training to be like, and how I felt we were losing time or energy with our frustrations.

She listened, patiently, and replied by rephrasing my thoughts. Of course I expected training to be wonderful, so I answered with an enthusiastic "Yes! I was ready to figure out how to make things perfect!

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But, man, she gave me some whiplash as she began to explain herself. She wanted to give me an exercise…ME? What did I do? I just wanted to get along, have fun, be productive, skate well, and reach every goal we ever set! What is wrong with that? Her exercise was to have no expectations of how things would go during any given day. My first reaction was that this sounded like a lazy way out, an excuse to behave how we want.

But as she explained, it began to make sense. For planners like me, we have our days mapped out in our heads. We have already decided what would be best for us, and we try to turn the dream day of our minds into our reality. This is basically impossible.

Thank you!

After all, this is what we are supposed to do. Why would we applaud ourselves for doing our job? Expectations are tricky that way. While it is good to have a standard for ourselves, we cannot let ourselves fall into a pattern of underappreciation. If we had a rough day, it was a failure. A good day, it was normal, nothing to write home about. I was not appreciating myself, or the people around me. An endless cycle of feeling like I hadn't done enough. I think that many athletes struggle with this concept.

To acknowledge our achievements every single day does not discourage improvement. I can admire my skating while still knowing there is work to be done. I can be happy that Zach and I only irritated each other 5 times today, because we laughed together another 20 times. I have heard this sentiment so many times, in other forms. Quotes and insights about the unattainable perfection, or to love ourselves. Somehow, these other angles didn't give me a clear enough picture for my mind to grab hold of them. This idea stuck, like when my babysitter told me to throw spaghetti against a wall to see if it is ready.

Sorry Italians, true story So I guess I wanted to share this idea of expectation with you. Maybe this will help someone, like it did for me. Maybe someone will decide to expect nothing from their day, and to just be present in the moment. You might be surprised by all of the wonderful things you are missing. Love, Madison Paparazzi A new blog entry from Madi on her journey this Olympic season June 29, — by Madison Hubbell "We should really be better about taking photos! She doesn't whine or make that face, but daughters are meant to give our moms a hard time, right?

This habit of imitating my mom began in my teen years, and it hasn't fully disappeared yet. Nevertheless, she is right. We should all be better about documenting these moments. My family and I spent a week in Florida, some of whom I haven't seen in five years. At the end of the trip, we finally picked up our phones to send a group text asking each other to share photos of our vacation. The problem is we were all too busy relaxing to actually take any pictures. It is hard to believe that I even went on vacation, since I didn't post anything on Instagram all week long!

In this social media world, where we're obsessed with documenting everything we do in point-of-view perspective, you might have thought I was a liar if it weren't for my tan. It is a double-edged sword, however, to be so oblivious to our phones and cameras. Because the truth is I wish I had more photos. I wish that I was rich, and that I could pay people to follow me around and take wonderful candid pictures of my life. Kind of like a wedding photographer.

Or a videographer so that I could create an endless highlight reel of my days. I would then have someone create slideshows, montages, and scrapbooks that I could admire as I grow old! Wouldn't that be lovely? But alas, that is unrealistic, for reasons beyond money. So, you will all have to take my word for it. My vacation was beautiful, and full of happy moments with the people that are mine, whether I want them or not! We spent our first week after vacation on the ice showing the federation our programs. This year, we're happy to say that all of the officials gave us their approval from the start.

Please, no more "we will see how it develops" or "well, if you really believe in it, you will just have to prove it to us. This "go ahead" from the federation means that the "fun" choreography part of the season is coming to a close. The dial turns down on creation, and the dial on relentless repetition turns up. This is always the part of the season where I feel it is hardest to control my frustration.

The work is somewhat easy on the body, without runthroughs, and the possibilities are endless. I am in a euphoric state of lazy imagination. Now we have programs, and if I play my music and shut my eyes, I see how amazing those programs will be. The crappy part is that no matter how good you are, learning new things takes time. We are starting to push our bodies again, both physically and mentally.

We need to create the connection between concept and reality. I have read several books lately that brought me to tears, and despite what Zach says, that means it was a good book. I generally like Slice of Life, sad books, and movies. I don't think you can have a favorite as long as you are still reading. Colors - I have different favorite colors every few years, and of course, for different applications. I have recently taken a liking to lavender though. Foods - Growing up, we were always forced to eat what we were given, and to try everything once.

For this reason, I like almost all foods from all around the world. One food that I really believe I could eat every day is sushi! Drinks - I like drinks with interesting textures, like bubble tea or aloe juice with pulp. But my daily favorite is my coffee. Sometimes when I snooze three times, instead of four, I make myself a cappuccino. Those days are always a little better. Hobbies - I like to try everything once, and other than video games, I seem to enjoy most of them.

When it comes down to my favorites, however, I am a total home maker. I love decorating my apartment, baking, babysitting, scrapbooking, and making jewelry. I was very lucky to grow up with parents who entertained all of my interests, and a mother who has enough creativity for the whole family. So far this season, Hubbell and Donohue won the U. They posted personal best scores for free dance and total With a stellar performance in Japan, Hubbell and Donohue could qualify for the Grand Prix Final for the third season in a row.

Their training in Canada is obviously paying off. But Hubbell and Donohue, who are both 26 years old, also had another reason for choosing that particular facility in Montreal: Since , ice dance has been the deepest U. Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto won the Olympic silver medal in , then two-time world champs Meryl Davis and Charlie White won Olympic silver in and ultimately gold in When Davis and White stepped away from competition following six straight national titles, Madison Chock and Evan Bates took the baton.

They won nationals and the world silver medal in , followed by bronze in Maia and Alex Shibutani captured the last two national titles and two straight world medals silver in , bronze in , while Hubbell and Donohue were regularly on the podium at nationals, but never the top step. As soon as we moved to Montreal, we felt the heat.

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