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This is a very simple application that allows users to communicate across multiple devices using Gripwire's Playfield multi-device protocol and matchmaking system. There are many ways to use this app.. Wallpapers and backgrounds Dota 2edition. Here you will find high-quality photos, pictures and fan art for your device lock and home screen.


Make your iPhone or iPad shine! Picker for Dota 2: Heroes counter pick was designed for players by players. This app helps you to build your counter pick properly based on dotabuff statistic and update the database daily. Looking for a great group of people to play cooperative video games like Destiny 2 and Anthem? This is the official app for The Inspectre by 4x Multicast is a stats-based hero selection tool for Dota 2.

It analyzes millions of matches to determine the synergy and counter relationships between heroes, then uses this information.. Well Played — Dota 2 edition: Follow online news from Dota2 Championchip and chat with other Dota 2 fans. Already available in the app: The two apps talk to one another over the internet. The source code for the Windows app is linked in one of the earlier posts if you're interested in that aspect of it.

I'll probably end up buying it, but why is there a free Android version and not a free iOS version? Because most Android developers choose to monetize using ads becuase Android is so easy to pirate applications on, plus Android users statistically spend significantly less on the Market compared to iPhone users on the App Store.

It also costs money to become an Apple developer which is required to publish an app free or not. This sums up my opinion on the subject as well. I would probably go one step further and say that Apple willfully makes their platform and products relatively difficult to access by inflating costs, in order to maintain their impression of exclusivity.

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I'm not entirely sure whether OSX has a reliable way of getting to know that the match is ready. I will need to look into that before answering this. If there's an obvious way, or a way that I can figure out to make it work, then yes. Too bad it's only iOS 7. Seems pretty logical to me. Regarding the OSX helper - the desktop app makes use of windows-specific code at the moment so it can't exactly be "ported" to OSX without me spending some time to figure out how to achieve equivalent functionality on OSX.

This is covered in some of the links that I have included in the post itself. Let me know if you need anything specifically answered. The windows application simply hooks itself to the DOTA2 window and listens for a change in the window state. Porting the app to iOS was fairly straightforward.

The UI is braindead simple, and the push notification systems for both platforms come with sample apps that can easily be slightly altered to get the rest of the functionality. I love your app! Since I got the paid version I use it almost every day but I have a question and a request. Just to clarify - there was a bug where the sound never played ever in the paid version, which was fixed. If, in your case, the sound sometimes does not play, then it's quite likely related to your volume settings.

I have also experienced issues where if you have a volume suppressing program like Silent Time, or some sort of do not disturb app, it tends to interfere with notification sounds. I always have my sound on but still on the work phone the sound doesnt play sometimes but on my tablet it always works. Admittedly, I haven't properly tested this with the app installed on multiple devices using the same connection code digits, and running at the same time.

There may be issues that I'm not aware of in those cases. I personally have it on my Nexus 7 and Nexus 5, and it seems to work fine in both places. Do you receive all other notification sounds on your phone? Facebook, text messages, etc. Send me an email, I can send you a development build that we can use to help us debug the issue. My email is on the site. Dude, I would totally buy this but make it 7. I am jailbroken and I wanna keep my jailbreak. You're using socketIO right?

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I read somewhere that because it uses WebSockets for the transport layer, it doesn't work right for 3G connections. I haven't tested it myself but is this true? Yeah I hadn't thought of that primarily because I figured most people would have WiFi wherever they were playing. There is a workaround for this that I know of, off the top of my head. I guess I'll put it in just to be safe. Thanks for the suggestion.

The workaround would be to check to see if the user is on a 3G connection, and then force socket. This would only ever be a problem in cases where the mobile data provider is using some sort of proxy for port 80, which is supposedly quite prevalent in Europe. Sorry about the time it took to get done.

I initially neglected it out of laziness, then ended up with a lot of work, and then some health issues, and then more laziness. Technically, I suppose it gives you the ability to be a little more responsible about whether or not you accept the game while you're away. For example, if you have left your desk and you realize that you won't be returning for a while, you can choose not to accept - which is not possible via an auto accept macro.

I'm not sure what you mean. Are you saying that you want to accept the queue on one desktop from another desktop? I can make this work for you, only if you promise to yell "Hand of God" every time you press accept. The destop companion to the app already works this way. Give it a try. You may need to scream a few times to get it to recognize your voice.

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Try leaning towards the computer, it helps. So reading the dev post you had I was still unclear as to whether or not the VAC will be triggered? Can anyone confirm this? The general consensus was that this does not fall under the definition of "cheating" as stated by Valve, which is:. Any third-party modification to a game designed to give one player an advantage over another is classified as a cheat or hack and will trigger a VAC ban.

This includes modifications to a game's core executable files and dynamic link libraries. Using custom skins, sounds or maps and playing multi-player mods which do not modify core. Will you make the WP one free like the Android one? I can understand the cost for the iOS one because of Apple's policy. To be honest - I don't know. Ad supported revenue for an app like this is not as much as you'd think. Here are my earnings for the past few days. As you can see, on a good day, you make about 10c. On most days, you make nothing. Creating a functional app that works consistently means: I bought the app and typed in the code from the windows version but it isn't working.

I'm pretty sure it's because I use two monitors? Hey, can you drop me an email? Im handling a few of these issues via email already. I came here to be tested! The links to the android version don't seem to be working for a few days now. New links, or not hosting anymore? Links should work now. Apologies for the downtime. You can read about why on http: Oh wow, you actually replied pretty quickly. Thanks, I'll definitely check it out, and possibly buy it! I see why you made this, but whenever I have to get up while queuing I just switch my audio to speakers so I can hear it from my bathroom or kitchen and be able to make it back in time to hit Accept.

I picture you sprinting from the bathroom, peeing everywhere, until you reach your computer and hit accept. Then, with your underwear still around your ankles, you play DotA while wondering why everyone except you is so stupid. You think everyone has speakers? You think everyone wants to run to their PC? Strong assumptions, I don't think you see why he made it at all.

You think everyone has android phones?

1000 MMR vs 7000 MMR — Guardian vs Immortal WTF Dota Matchmaking

You think everyone cares about using 30 seconds of your time to take a piss before you queue? I usually play at night, and I'm a little particular about disturbing other people in the house, so I usually have the door closed. If I were to leave the door open, turn the speaker volume up and allow my computer to play a loud gong and drum, I don't think that would be appreciated by anyone who is asleep. There are other circumstances as well, this is just one example. First world problems at it's finest. Just unqueue, take a piss, come back and requeue, boo hoo you just wasted 35 seconds of your life An app that saves you 30 seconds right before you waste 45 minutes of it playing a game and not doing anything productive for society.

People choose to play this game for 45 mins. It provides them fun. After working for 9 hours a day I am assuming you are not jobless , I think its ok to choose that. Waiting for a game to pop, is a baggage that comes with the choice. But if you cant avoid the wait-time, atleast you can do something else while that wait time is going on. If you have to sit in front of your pc to accept the game, your options to what else you can do become highly limited. If you can however, you can be away from the pc, and still accept the game, your options widen.

But sure, waste 30 secs of your life everytime because you can justify it by saying I am gonna waste another 45 mins anyways. I mean, why live when you are gonna die anyways. You can also choose not to be some sad addicted kid and take care of yourself before sitting down on the computer and having some fun. I understand that it's nice to run to your pc and queue as fast as you can, run to the bathroom to take a piss and then to the kitchen to get food without having to worry about your queue, but not everyone is that desperate to play this game, if you have time to play for 1 hour, you should also have time to wait minute queues.

So you are saying just because I have time I should waste it. Even when I can choose to avoid wasting it? Which brings me back to my original comment, "First world problems at it's finest".

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You are so worried to save yourself 30 seconds of your life and fail to see the big picture, the mere fact that you are talking through the internet at this moment, the mere fact that you get to sit down for hours to play dota, the mere fact that you have an internet connection are all huge privileges.

I won't ask you to be sad for people that never get to touch a computer keyboard, but I will shun you for being such a little baby crying about the importance of saving yourself 30 seconds of your life "Because you can".

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Yes because i can. I really dont think using this app has anything to do with kids not having a keyboard right OP? Oh and i just read your comment again, big picture? Because that would explain a lot. The big picture is that if you could put apps into categories, this one would fit perfectly into the "First world problems" section. Oh and btw, you just mispent about 10 min of your life arguing on the internet about the importance of saving 30 seconds of your life to no avail. Good job pankajsaraf, we all think you are very strong.

It's not that I need an explanation on why it can be useful, I know it can, but the time you loose waiting is totally negligible regarding play time, and this is a fact. For the rest, id really c, I personally am a grown up and care to take a pee before I'm going to play. I guess this is useful for kids.

Doing something counterproductive and arguing that it's ok because you were gonna do something much more counterproductive is stupid. Do you care about lag on your phone? Do you care about you computer bootup time? Wouldnt you want a computer that boots up into your workspace in 1 sec, no matter what you were gonna do with it after that? If you are gonna play a game for 2 hours, is it ok for your computer to take 15 mins to boot up?

I dont care how reddit works, what you claim as being true, is detrimental to the society. If everyone starts thinking like you, we would be putting all innovators and inventers out of their jobs. Oh and for peeing, you are right, only grownups take care of their peeing. Oops, i need to change my diaper again. I never even implied that in any of my posts. I never said playing Dota was counterproductive, I never made any reference to the usefulness of the game, just the time spent. Not an opinion, a truth. If I could decrease my boot time from 15min to 5min, or 15min to 1s I will gladly do it, but here we're talking about say, decreasing boot time from 15 min to 14 min Lol nice to know.

You should calm down a little, random angry internet guy, you're not making a lot of sense right now. I have a lot of respect for the OP, btw I'm a developper myself , and I can see how this coding exercise could have been fun for him. But it's not related, because my point was that the waiting time is negligible, not that trying to avoid it was a bad idea, but you internet people always seem to know what I wanna say better than me anyway.

People are pressing accept and going to AFK right after, because they don't want to miss the queue, and they don't want to re-queue.

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